Thursday, October 8, 2020

Happy Halloween Finds!

 I had such an unexpected surprise yesterday as I was digging through my tablescaping closet looking for components for my Halloween tablescape! I reached for my Halloween candy bowl to use as the focal point for my centerpiece ,when I found 5 new Halloween dishes tucked away inside my bowl. Then I remembered, that just after Halloween last year, I had gone to SteinMart (one of my favorite stores for finding dish treasures, that now, sadly has closed!) and found a cute set of Halloween appetizer plates. I was so excited to find them that I immediately got to work producing my Halloween table!

Here is my table for Halloween:

I started my table using my favorite tablecloth that has graced many a Halloween dinner table!

My place setting starts with a favorite charger of mine. It is an open scrollwork pattern. I bought it at Maryland China Co., and I have always liked the way it highlights a place setting. I'm sorry the photo is so blurry!

Next on the stack comes an orange stoneware dinner plate that I purchased at RiteAid pharmacy when I first started my blog! A very unique place to find such nice stoneware, indeed!

The next component is an accent plate I found at Macy's. It is marked "Martha Stewart Collection". I've used it many times for Halloween because it reminds my of the intricate picture frames and mirrors that are used at Disneyland in the Haunted House exhibit!

I topped my dish stack with the appetizer plates that I recently discovered hidden away. There are 4 of them, and one says, "Just Brew It"!

Another says, "Bone Appetit"!

Another says,"Witch Please"

And the last one says, "Creep It Real"!

My napkin consisted of a block print orange and white napkin that I found at Pier 1 (another victim of poor sales during the pandemic!😞). It is nestled in one of my gray sheer napkins. I was going for a "spider web" look. I chose the eating utensil napkin ring because the burnished metal looked like silverware one might find in an old mansion (maybe haunted!)

I chose my orange-handled flatware to bring out the orange stripes in my tablecloth as well as the other orange elements I've used.

(I'm not sure how this extra photo got here, and I can't seem to delete it! Haunts are at work, maybe?)


I completed my place setting with my VERY special Halloween glasses. These glasses were created by Jenna who is the creator of the blog "The Painted Apron". She had a raffle one time, and my name was chosen. I've never won a raffle before, and I was absolutely delighted to win these hand-painted glasses! They grace my dinner table every year at Halloween. Stop by her wonderful blog some time. You won't be disappointed! 

My centerpiece consists of my traditional candy bowl that I use for Halloween candy distribution. I then placed some of my gray sheer napkins to give my Halloween witch a comfortable seat and then placed my often-used friendly witch on top! I love her happy expression!  I flanked my bowl with a set of candleholders that are shaped like a witch's hat. They are decorated with just the right amount of sparkle and fit a votive candle perfectly.

I added two accent plates to my table. I found them at HomeGoods many years ago, and they grace my plate rack every Halloween!

I had fun creating this Halloween Table! Halloween will look very different this year; I'm not even sure I'll have trick-or-treaters, but I'll leave candy outside anyway. I'm glad my table will at least reflect that a new season has begun!

Have a wonderful Halloween, whatever form your celebration takes!

I'll be joining Susan at for her Tablescape Thursday.  Be sure and take a look at all the tables that make up this fun party!

Thursday, October 1, 2020

A Welcome Table to Ruby

 Three weeks ago we picked up the newest addition to our family. She is a sweet black lab. We picked her out of a litter when she was 3 weeks old, and have been anxiously awaiting the day when we could bring her home. We have named her Ruby Apolonia of Stanford.  She has lived up to her named because she is a precious gem! She is smart and loving and has taken to training VERY well. She'll even go to the door to signal "it's time!", and readily snuggles down in her crate when it's bedtime. My hubby and I have been "tag teaming" getting up every 2-3 hours during the night to take her outside (this part of the training is the hardest, because we haven't had a full night's rest in three weeks!). We've been told as she gets bigger this schedule should become easier. I felt I just had to honor Ruby with a tablescape to welcome her to the family. 

So, here is table to honor "Ruby": (note the "puppy corral" for naps in the background!)

I started my dish stack with my "ruby colored" chargers:

I then added a new plate set that I bought at HomeGoods (my last purchase there before quarantine!). It is melamine and the maker is Cottenwood Home.  I absolutely LOVE the bright colors and intricate pattern on these plates: there are so many possibilities for other color combinations when setting other tables!

To make the setting a little "extra special" I added a blue glass sherbet glass.

To complete the place setting, I used a red printed cotton napkin and a "leather" studded napkin ring that could represent a dog's collar. (I know I'm stretching the imagination a bit!)

Then I added a "red checked" plastic drinking glass for a less formal feeling:

The final addition to the place setting was my red handled flatware.

Here's the completed place setting:

I started my centerpiece with a blue and white checked table runner. The elements for the centerpiece represent the presence of our new family member.  I started with an overturned metal water dish that acts as a platform for Byer's ChoiceLtd. figurine of a  black lab I had gifted to my husband. The dish is flanked by various toys I "borrowed" from our Ruby this morning: some NylaBones,  her ball "chucker", one of her squeaky chew toys and her braided rope. I "wrapped" the centerpiece with a "hearts of love" garland. Appropriate, no?

So, this is my table to welcome our "Ruby" home!

I'll be joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday at  Be sure and take a look at all the wonderful tables! Thank you, Susan, for giving us a forum for our love of this hobby of Tablescaping!

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

A Sweet, Special Surprise

A few weeks ago, my stepdaughter and two of my granddaughters stopped by for a visit.  We hadn't seen each other since March because of our quarantining.  While visiting, Leah presented me with four adorable napkins that she had made as part of her quarantine activities!  I was so pleased by their happy colors and patterns. They reminded of a page in one of my coloring books (while staying at home, I've tried my hand at "adult" coloring pages, and find it a very calming and gratifying activity). I knew I had to produce a tablescape to highlight my new napkins whose colors simply popped off the material when I first saw them!

Here is the napkin that inspired my table:

I  started my table setting with a multi-colored woven placemat that mirrored the colors in my new napkins:

To start my dish stack I began with my open scrollwork chargers from Maryland China Company (check their website for some wonderful unique tableware components!)

Next, as part of my desire to highlight the colors in the napkins,  I added a purple ceramic plate I found when Anna's Linens was liquidating its inventory. ( I truly miss that store!)

For the next component I added a colorful floral-shaped accent plate that I purchased at the Dollar Tree store. I found them in bright orange and bright yellow.

I added a sweet ceramic bowl to use as a salad dish. I found a whole set of these while antiquing.They are marked only "Italy" and a small flower is painted inside them.

I completed my placesetting with a set of orange- handled cutlery I found at Tuesday Morning, and some purple embossed glassware I also found at Tuesday Morning. I almost always have tablescaping luck when I walk through that store!

I started my centerpiece with a yellow and white lattice-patterned runner I bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  My white ceramic pitcher filled with daffodils has been on my table since we were in lockdown and I needed a bright spot to see each day!

I flanked my pitcher with a colorful sunflower plate (no markings as far as origin) that I located at a SwapMeet when I first started tablescaping.

I also added a banana-shaped salt and pepper shaker. This is part of a collection of unique salt and pepper shakers my stepdaughter gave me one Christmas. They are each adorable and bring a smile to my face whenever I take them out. I took two pictures so you can see how the banana pieces fit together. Isn't it clever?

I hope everyone is finding their way to a place of comfort during this time of stress.  Please take care and stay healthy. I so look forward to the time when we can resume our normal activities. I have truly learned the meaning of "grateful" and hope to do my best not to take for granted those things I have treasured, and know now could be taken away in a most unexpected way.  My best wishes are with you all.

I'll be joining Susan at for Tablescape Thursday. Please stop by and enjoy all the wonderful tables that other tablescapers have produced! Thank you, Susan, for giving us a chance to share our love of dishes!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

"March Madness"

Hello, Everyone! I haven't posted since October, and was actually contemplating "hanging up" my tablescaping hobby. I have not lost my love for my treasured china, crystal, linens, etc. , and I still have a wonderful collection that I'm not yet ready to part with. But, I just felt that I had lost my "mojo", if you know what I mean.  Then March, 2020 came around and suddenly NOTHING was the same anymore. Now anxiety and sequestration, and words like pandemic and Covid-19 fill the airways 24-7.  I see my grandchildren via FaceTime and Zoom; even my Chorale Group on Mondays and my Book Club Group have gone High-Tech, and I'm attending Mass online!  I woke up today and decided I had to redirect my attention to something I could understand, and find concrete joy in. And that's when I went to my china closet and found a sense of familiarity and calm.  So, here is a Spring Table for Easter that I hope will find you in safe surroundings and remind us that we are all in this "March Madness" together and we will eventually have our days in the sun and fresh air once again.

Here is the table I created:

Here is how I created it:

I started it with a pink tablecloth I had purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond last year for our Easter celebration.

My dish stack started with some jadeite chargers I found it in an antique store on one of my first treasure hunts when I first started tablescaping. I LOVE their color and sheen.

Next, I brought out my Butterfly Meadow dinner plates by Lenox. They sing spring and there are three different patterns in the set. They grace my Easter Dinner table each year.

I topped them with an appetizer plate that is also part of the Butterfly Meadow pattern and coordinates with the set.

On the top of these plates is a pink napkin that matches my tablecloth. I have snuggled it in a silver organza napkin to accent my silverplated flatware.  One of my favorite napkin rings for Spring and Summer is my green beaded butterfly! I thought it would accent my green charger. It also was a good choice because of the butterflies that grace my dishes!

The flatware is part of my International Silver set. The Pattern is Heritage and was passed on to me from my dear mother-in-law.

I completed my place setting with my Rogeska goblet and cordial glass. The pattern is called Gallia. I wanted a formal look for my table.

My centerpiece started with a crocheted doily that I found in an antique shop on a recent trip to Palm Spring, CA.  I bought my ceramic bunny last year. I felt his sweet face and pink gingham tie was just what my table needed as part of this Spring table!  He is flanked by some glass taper holders I found in Ventura, CA. When we go there I love to go to this shop whose proceeds go the Animal Rescue in the area. I ALWAYS make a purchase there for such a good cause. The salt and pepper shakers next to the bunny are Butterfly Meadow accent pieces.

As accents on my table, I added the creamer and sugar set that is part of my Butterfly Meadow collection, a glass bowl that was gifted to me by my Aunt, and a new glass divided platter that I had also found in Palm Springs. I plan to use it for a relish tray at family dinners.

I so enjoyed putting this tablescape together. It provided a diversion for me, and a sense that although our lives are disrupted right now,  we do have some control over our surroundings.  Please take care of yourselves and look forward to the near future when these days will just be in a history book somewhere. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

I will be joining Susan at for Tablescape Thursday. Please go to her site and enjoy all the tables!