Thursday, November 13, 2014

In Honor of the Bundt Pan!

Kathleen at Cuisine Kathleen issued a challenge to celebrate National Bundt Day on Nov. 15th.  Who knew such a day existed?

I approached this challenge with some anxiety.  I am NOT a baker.  But, I do like to participate in Kathleen's challenges, so I looked around the kitchen, saw some VERY ripe bananas and checked out Google to see if a recipe for Banana Bundt Cake existed.  The first one I found looked perfect: I had almost all the ingredients (just needed some sour cream) and the instructions weren't difficult.

This is my Bundt Pan.  It replaced one I had had for many, many years and I especially like it because it is silicone coated, and NOTHING sticks to it!  I've actually only used it once before, so I'm glad it will be getting some use!

Fast forward to now when the cake is in the oven and I'm looking around my kitchen remembering why I don't bake:  there are bowls and utensils everywhere and batter  is splattered on everything! (I also can't find the cap for the vanilla! I hope it's not in the cake!!)  I don't have a standing mixer, so I used my hand mixer and batter would spit out whenever I added an ingredient.  Also, there is too much Math involved in baking! Fractions were never my strong suit and doubling or halving quantities throws me into a sweat!  And, bottom line, there is no margin for error.  With a pot roast, I can add water or serve extra ketchup if the recipe has issues, but in baking, the components will either blend together and create something scrumptious, or all of my efforts will have been for naught!  I'll be back in 25 minutes...........

Well, it does smell good around here.  I've set a table for a breakfast tea.  The menu will consist of Banana Bundt Cake, assorted teas, and orange juice.  I will offer coffee, but that will be served directly from the coffee pot.

Here'e My Table:

Here's How It Was Created:

I started with the reverse side of a placemat I bought last year at Pier One.

My dessert plate as well as the serving pieces for this table were actually my first set of everyday dishes after I got married.  The pattern is Cafe Classico and it was made by Nancy Calhoun.  These dishes were purchased at the Pottery Shack, a wonderful store in Laguna Beach, CA. It has since closed, but I have found plates in this pattern on Replacements. com.  I have since changed my everyday dishes to Polish Pottery, but these dishes are still a favorite of mine. I love the colors and cheery pattern of flowers!

My place setting is a simple one since this is a very simple meal.  The setting is completed with new napkins I found at HomeGoods (and just knew I'd find a use for them!)  and white porcelain napkin rings I found while antiquing.  I thought the rose design would go well with the runner I used for the centerpiece.  The flatware is my go-to set from Mikasa, called Regent Bead.  The mug is from the Cafe Classico collection.  The juice glasses were found at a swapmeet; I love the ladybug accent with the green leaves!

The centerpiece starts with a Tea Towel I found while visiting the Lincoln Library in Springfield, IL. (If you have the opportunity to visit this landmark, please do.  It is interesting and inspiring!)  I LOVE the design on this towel and especially enjoy one of Lincoln's quotes which is printed on it.  It says, "We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses."  A fitting thought for all of us who can use a sense of optimism at times.  A pitcher for orange juice and a teapot from the Cafe Classico collection sit alongside the honoree at this table:  my HOMEMADE Banana Bundt Cake!

Accent pieces on the table consist of a cake knife and server from HomeGoods and the sugar and creamer from the Cafe Classico collection.

The recipe came from  I followed it exactly, except I did add 1/2 C. of chopped walnuts and 1/2 C. semi-sweet chocolate morsels.

I have to say, this cake is moist and delicious. I sprinkled the top with Confectioner's Sugar and felt it was more than sweet enough.  All in all, this challenge was fun to complete.  It put me out of my comfort zone because I didn't use a cake mix, but  I do feel I succeeded!! (And the kitchen got a really good cleaning when I was done!!!)  I'm so glad I had a chance to use my former everyday dishes. I had forgotten how much I like them.  Happy National Bundt Day........

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  1. Yummy looking bundt cake, Rosie. I had to laugh at your description of baking...I used to feel that way until I made up my mind I was going to do it on a regular it is second nature!
    Your table setting is so bright and cheery, a nice way to begin the day.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  2. How pretty! Very inviting table! I use any recipe in my Bundt pans, they always work. I use my Banana chocolate chip bread recipe the most, seems I always have brown bananas hanging around! Thanks for baking such a lovely cake and inviting us to your cheerful table. Love the new napkins!

  3. Rosie, I had to laugh at your description of baking, trouble with fractions and where the vanilla cap was! But your cake turned out beautifully. Lovely, cheerful table, too.

  4. Rosie, your post made me smile (and giggle out loud)! Love it! Very pretty tea towel and darling set up. Thank you for brightening my day!

  5. Rosie, Your cake looks wonderful! The table setting is very pretty, everything looks so bright and cheerful. Having breakfast at your table with a slice of bundt cake and a cup of coffee would be a pleasant start for anyone's day!

  6. very nice, your garden looks so inspiring too!

  7. You're not a baker? Oh, c'mon now,'re so talented in so many other areas, I just assumed you'd be a whiz in the dessert department! It's hilarious, though, to think of you standing there in a puff of flour dust with cake batter spattered from here to eternity! :-)

    It looks like your cake turned out just fine, and I'm glad you were able to step out of your comfort zone, use your Bundt pan, set a pretty table, enjoy it!

  8. Wow, pretty tablescape. That red is just popping....Love it! and for not being a baker your cake sure looks great!

  9. I love the phrase on the tea towel, what a great perspective. Pretty table and that cake sounds yummy!

  10. Sorry I missed this at Kathleen's last week Rosie! Your painted blue flower ceramics are just adorable and perfect with a slice of cake and a cup of coffee or tea! Such a happy table!

  11. Yummy looking cake and pretty too. Great quote on the tea towel. So true!