Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Another Type of Halloween Witch!

The inspiration for this table came the day I opened a package from FedEx and discovered these darling witch glasses that I received from Jenna at the Painted Apron.  I was so excited when I learned I had won four of her adorable witch glasses in one of her giveaways!! What a thrill!! Many thanks, Jenna, for your creativity and generosity!!

As I started to think about this year's Halloween tablescape, I knew that I wanted to highlight the joy and whimsy of the witches on these glasses, so I decided the table would reflect the fun nature of a happy Halloween witch:  one that doesn't scare and reach out with crooked fingers, or toss back her head with a wicked laugh; but a Halloween witch who is more prone to dressing in brightly-colored tights, zipping around on a broom which occasionally gets left behind after a journey of fun, and one whose hat flies off while zooming around in glee!

Here's my Halloween Table:

Here's How It Was Created:

I started with the Halloween tablecloth I bought at HomeGoods last year.  I absolutely love the color combination of white, black and orange.  Do any of you use this color combination on your table for occasions other than Halloween? It's so striking.  This cloth happens to have a fine silver thread through it as well.

Next, I have my spider web placemat from the Dollar Tree store.  I HATE spiders and try to keep them out of my Halloween decor, but these placemats are my one concession for the holiday.

My dish stack starts with a black dinner plate labeled Zanzibar from the Home Collection at J. C. Penney's.  I like the pebbled border on this plate.

On top of this I've added my orange dinner plate labeled Stoneware Dinner Plate from the Home Design Collection at Rite Aid! (a surprise find at a local pharmacy!)

My stack is completed with a napkin from Pier One that reminds me of candy corn!  I used a napkin ring from Bed, Bath and Beyond and tried to shape the napkin into the figure of a witch by adding a witch hat pick from Dollar Tree, and tying the napkin with Halloween ribbon.  I also took apart a garland of witches' hats from Michael's and added a hat to each place setting.

The place setting is completed with orange flatware from Walmart, and the place of honor at the place setting is the glassware from Jenna at the Painted Apron.

For the centerpiece, I started with a candy dish from Tuesday Morning that is perched on  black mesh netting.  I love the witches' shoes that are acting like a pedestal.  Filled with Halloween candy, you'll notice the witch's broom that has landed on the cauldron of candy!  The votive candle holders are from Pier One.

As accents for the table, I placed two Halloween plates I bought from J.C. Penney's many years ago. They are usually in my wall plate hanger for this time of year.

So, my Halloween table is complete! I hope I achieved my desire to place the accent on a different type of Halloween witch. I'm looking forward to seeing the smiling faces of all the trick-or-treaters that will be showing up on Halloween. And, maybe there will be a few with brightly colored tights, a large pointed hat and a whimsical smile that mirror the figures on my new Halloween glasses!! Enjoy your Halloween celebration!!

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  1. This is a fun table, Rosie!! Lucky you, to win those cute witchy glasses! I really like those textured black plates. I could see you using them in lots of different settings. Your table is such a great inspiration, I'm going to have to get going on one if I'm going to have it ready by Halloween! I know you all will have a great celebration at this festive table!

  2. Thank you for all the sweet words Rosie, I can't tell you how thrilled I am with your interpretation of my Wendi Witch!! Yes, yes, yes, she is indeed full of carefree fun, leaving her broom behind occasionally, and her hat flying off as she zips around with glee!! Your table is perfect for her and she looks so happy there!! Love Love Love your clever broom centerpiece, the spider web mat and creative napkin fold!! Happy Happy Halloween, I am so glad you are enjoying your glasses!!

  3. Rosie, I'm so happy you won Jenna's glasses! They are so fun, and I know you are enjoying them. I love those web place mats - wonder if you Dollar Tree still has them. I love your plaid table cloth. It's perfect with your table of fun and festive items. Happy Halloween! :-)
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  4. I love all the different colors I've seen this season but it's also good to see the classic combo done so well.

  5. I love this whimsical table! I can't believe you found a plaid tablecloth in that color combination. It's perfect!! To answer your question, just the other day I was talking to a friend who is planning a formal corporate party during March Madness and is planning to decorate the tables in black white and orange to reflect the basketball theme. Funny thing is, when she told me, I said that will look like Halloween! But a great tablecloth like this is lovely enough to use any time. Great setting!

  6. Love this table especially the tablecloth aren't you lucky to win congrats Susie

  7. The tablecloth is perfect with the "Happy" witch them. Just bright enough but doesn't busy up the table. The glasses are darling! Lucky you to win these cuties. The spider web placemats and the orange plates are perfect with the cute witches hats and the napkins - they make a great blend of lite and dark on the table.