Wednesday, November 15, 2017

An Unexpected Formal Thanksgiving

I was getting ready for Thanksgiving by getting out my beloved Johnson Bros. Friendly Village plates when my girlfriend called and invited me to an estate sale. While at the sale, I spied an exquisite Lenox dinnerware set sitting on a table. I noted that the pattern was called Tudor.  Everything about this set was calling my name: its cream-colored bone china;  its brushed gold edging; an intricate Greek Key-like pattern in deep blue dancing across the border; and, the fact that it was six complete place settings!  I walked away, however, because the Christmas shopping season is rapidly approaching and with a family that has grown to 4 married couples and 9 grandchildren,  my shopping attention is very diverted! I talked about it to my Hubby, just in casual conversation.

The next day when I got home, my Hubby asked me to check inside the dishwasher for something, and when I opened it up, lo and behold, the  Lenox dishes were perched in the washer ! Apparently, he had conspired with my girlfriend to go back to the estate sale and surprise me with the dishes! What a Sweetie Pie!!! I immediately decided that the Johnson Bros. were just going to have to wait another year, because I absolutely had to create a table with my new acquisition!

So, that was how my informal Thanksgiving table changed from one covered in fall leaves and shades of brown and orange to a rather elegant and sophisticated table.  My family will be surprised when they walk in this year! But, I just couldn't resist!

Here is how the table turned out:

Here is how the table was created:

I started with the beautiful tablecloth given to me by my dear friend. It is from France and the pattern reflects the ceiling of Versailles. You can read more about this tablecloth here.

I started my dish stack with a gold-brushed charger from HomeGoods.

Next came the star attraction of my dish stack: my lovely dinner plate. Sigh........

Then I added the salad plate.

Topping off the dish stack was the bread-and-butter plate. I love that the style and pattern of this set is just as pretty as a bread-and-butter plate, as well as a dinner plate.

I completed the place setting with the matching napkins to the tablecloth nestled in a gold and pearl napkin ring from my tablescaping stash! I also added the beautifully styled cup and saucer from my new set; the gold-plated flatware is on loan from my cousin, Karen (thank you!); and my Rogeska Gallia crystal wine glasses finish the place setting.

I actually had to go hunting for my centerpiece. Off to Hobby Lobby I went and discovered that Thanksgiving is truly the lost holiday in the stores!! Everything was about Christmas decorating!! I stumbled upon one aisle that had what was left from fall decorating (Thanksgiving hasn't gotten here yet, right? Or did I miss it?!) Anyway, I found just what I was looking for way in the back of a shelf! The colors were JUST RIGHT, and it looked sophisticated enough for a formal table, yet the pumpkins still whispered, "Fall".  I also found some pretty candle holders that I probably will always use when I set the table with this particular dinnerware. I completed the look with my battery-operated candles, and "Voila!" :

I know my "guests" will be surprised when they see I created something quite different for my Thanksgiving meal, but I was thrilled to use my new dinnerware set for such a special day when family is gathered together.  I have always wanted a dinnerware set of this quality and pattern and I'm very grateful to my Hubby and my girlfriend, Mary Beth, who made this wonderful surprise happen.

I'll be joining Susan at for Tablescape Thursday. Thank you, Susan, for hosting this party especially during the Holiday season when so many beautiful spaces are created! Be sure and stop by for a visit and see what I mean.


  1. Gorgeous. What a wonderful surprise. Enjoy.
    Pat P.

  2. Breathtaking. I love the way the elegance at your table comes across as very inviting. This has a gentle elegance I absolutely love. What a treat to find these dishes. :) jw

  3. Mary Beth and your husband both seem to know just how to make you happy! What a great surprise! The china is gorgeous, and your tablescape is befitting a queen. You will be able to fondly reminisce about the way you acquired it every time you see it. And how fortuitous that you found THE perfect centerpiece at Hobby Lobby!!! I just left there, and all the fall stuff was 80% off already. Poor Thanksgiving. It just isn’t the respected holiday it used to be. To many people it’s just the day to start early Christmas deals.­čśÉ

  4. Your husband is a sweetheart! These dishes are beautiful and elegant and your styling is beautiful.

  5. The china is beautiful and you've styled it with elegant simplicity. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday and the lack of themed decor is more than made up by your creativity. May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight

  6. Rosie: You are right. Those dishes are perfect for you hobby. I hope you enjoyed your creative time as you created this beautiful tablescape.

  7. Such a gorgeous elegant table in your gold and white. Love your dishes, this could be great for a New Year's party too.

  8. This is so pretty! The centerpiece turned out to be a really great find. I like the subtle coloring of it. I’m a gold person vs silver so the dishes speak my language! Wishing you a great thanksgiving filled with love!

  9. This is stunning, Rosie, and so elegant. What a great husband to surprise you with these gorgeous dishes. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy your time with family. xo Deborah