Monday, September 18, 2017

A Happy Ending and Beginning

I've been gone for a while. The family has been on quite a journey. On the 18th week of our daughter's pregnancy, it was discovered that our unborn granddaughter had a heart defect : an aortic arch that was too small,  as well as a hole in her heart. We knew the baby would be tiny, but we hoped she could wait until her due date to be born. But, our sweet Alyssa Grace decided to be born on July 29th instead of September 13th.  She entered the world at 2 lbs. 14 oz. and came out crying (VERY unusual for a preemie of her size, but reflective of her personality that she was a fighter and ready to take on her new world!).  And, indeed, she has. Her nurses hung a sign on her isolette that read, "Alyssa Grace, Heart Warrior!"  When she was a week old, she was airlifted to San Francisco where an outstanding cardiac team took 6 hours to totally repair her heart! A truly miraculous feat. She was flown back home 3 weeks ago, is still in the hospital, but she is thriving. A hearty 5 lbs. 5 oz, she needs to gain some weight, and get over some eating issues,  but will be home soon! My heart is full of gratitude for the hospital staffs of both hospitals that have been Alyssa's home since she arrived. The surgeon, attending doctors, support personnel and NICU nurses are truly angels on earth. I have tears in my eyes as I write this, just thinking about all the expertise and loving care that has been demonstrated by the talented and caring people we have met during this extraordinary time. My heart truly "runeth" over with gratitude.

In anticipation of her triumphant and very anticipated return to home,  I have readied the family bassinet. If you go to this post, you can see the history of this Precious Heirloom, now 111 years old!

Here is the place where Alyssa Grace will sleep when she comes home to live with her Mama, Dada, and big sister, Gianna (who at 3 years of age is very excited to have a new baby sister!)

Here is a side view:

As I mentioned in my previous post, prior to each new baby sleeping in the bassinet, the moms got to choose the colors they wanted for the decoration. I gave Alyssa's big sister, Gianna, the choice for the primary color, and she said , "PINK". (I have to explain that no matter what choice of anything you give her, she always answers, "PINK").  My daughter said she wanted the second color to be "Strong" to reflect Alyssa's fighting spirit, so we agreed on magenta.  The pictures make it seem like red, but the color really is a bright, pretty deep pink of magenta!

My cousin, Karen, came by and graciously agreed to help me with the star attraction of the project, which is the bow that graces the end of the bassinet. I love the way it turned out! Many thanks, Karen!!

I  then added some extras for the new baby.

First, some flannel receiving blankets:

Then, a soft toy with a sweet ladybug to keep Alyssa company:

Then  I added something a little bit extra special.  A fellow blogger has started a shop on Etsy.  It is called "PalmettoDawn".  While checking out her shop, I noticed her "Pacifier Pouches with Matching Wristlet".  I contacted her and she was kind enough to custom make one for my new grandbaby using the colors of pink and magenta. Isn't it sweet?  I know my daughter will love this, especially when she's out walking with the baby. There will always be a "binky" in reserve if one should drop!  Thank you, Dawn, for your craftsmanship and creativity.  I know your shop will be a success!

As my life slowly returns to normal, I hope to get back into a regular schedule of blogging and tablescaping again.

Many thanks to all the extended family and friends who have prayed, started prayer chains, and morally, spirtually and physically supported our family through this challenging time. Special "shout outs" go to Cousins Steve and Ana (and you both know why).

I can't wait to see dear baby Alyssa in her new bed when she gets home!

I'll be linking up to Susan's Metamorphosis Monday at Please stop by and enjoy all the participants' entries.  It's always a fun to what people have shared.  Thank you, Susan, for taking the time to host the party!


  1. This is perfect!!!! I wish I had your decorating talents - I would have done that for my nephew's baby girl that was born on August 10. Love this!

  2. Not quite sure where it is you live, but SF has some outstanding children's hospitals and obviously things went well.

    Alyssa will be a true Princess in her new bed. Congratulations to all!

  3. Oh so happy for you Rosie, what a miracle baby! I can't imagine the stress and fear you all faced, just incredible. I pray she continues the thrive, congratulations! The bassinette is so pretty!

  4. That bassinet a family treasure and such a heartwarming story! Modern medicine is truly miraculous sometimes. Congratulations on your new little one!!!

  5. Welcome to the new bundle of feisty joy!!! What a frightening scenario. But everything is on the upswing and she's now on the pink...LITERALLY!!!!!! Congratulations all around! 👶

  6. My heart goes out to all of you for all you've been through. God Bless her little self- love her beautiful name Alyssa Grace! I love knowing what a fighter she is. What a wonderful blessing it was to have the specialized cardiac team take care of her precious heart. The bassinet is sweet as can be- love how you've prettied it up for her! Sounds like she's doing very well and I know you will all cherish the moments when life will seem more normal again. 🙏 Prayers for her continued progress!

  7. What a wonderful story Rosie!! I'm so happy for you and her mama and daddy and big sister that she is well and thriving. What a blessing. I'm sure there were many fear-filled moments and anxiety along the way . . . so thankful for the great medical care you received. That little girl is strong! Love the bassinet, too.
    Wondered if you had stopped blogging; now I know why. Glad to hear you will be back. xo Deborah