Sunday, January 3, 2016

NYE in Black and White

Happy New Year, everyone.  We had a very nice New Year's Eve.  First, we went to dinner with friends and then came back to our house for dessert and to watch "the ball drop" in Times Square.  I had set up a dessert table, but did not photograph it! Go Figure! I wanted to plan a New Year's Eve tablescape, so I actually set this table on New Year's Day. I wanted a black and white color combination, so this is what I came up with:

I was going to do a table for four, but when I first started the planning, the silver runner I wanted to use looked better turned across the width of the table, instead of the length of the table. So my table for four turned into a table for two.  Here is the silver runner:

I wanted a sleek, sophisticated feel to the table, so I started my dish stack with these porcelain chargers from Mikasa. They are labeled, "BLOCK, Zen". 

Next, I added my black plates from Anna's Linens.  They are labeled, Royal Norfolk. I chose these plates over my other black plates, because they have a sleeker look to them, and coordinate well with the chargers.

To top of the stack, I used my appetizer plates, also from the Mikasa website. They are labeled, Urban Rose. They definitely have a modern feel to them, and I love the tinge of gray swept across the flower.  I hope you can see this in the photo.

I finished the place setting with my Oneida flatware and etched glass champagne "boats" I found on an antiquing trip. Don't ask me why, but champagne really does taste better coming from these glasses! I've seen this style of champagne glass in many 1940's movies and wanted some for my hutch, and found that when I used them instead of my flutes, the champagne was delicious.  Maybe I was just channeling my inner "movie star from the 40's"!  I added a black stemmed wine glass from the Dollar Tree store! Love the swirled glass.

For my centerpiece, I used a glass chimney candle holder that had been my Mom's.  She purchased it at a Princess House party, and I'm sad to say, the twin to the holder was broken a few years ago.  The crystal candlesticks were a wedding present. I added a couple of silver-filigreed votive holders for some extra interest and light.  These items were nestled in a silver garland that I found at Ross. I've used it before in a previous New Year's table here.

Eventhough I didn't use this tablescape for an actual meal, it was fun to design and create this table.  Somehow, planning a New Year's Eve dinner table is a fitting way to say good-bye to the previous year and get ready for a new one.  I haven't really made any resolutions yet.  Have you?  I hope your New Year is filled with many joys, as well as the strength to meet the challenges that a new year can bring.  Here's to 2016, dear Friends!

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  1. Your t'scape looks terrific! I really like the silver leaf-y garland you used down the center. It acts as a kind of table runner anyway so perfect decision to use the real runner as "across table placemats". The black & white colour combo looks so classy! Happy New Year!

  2. Rosie, The shimmer of the silver leaves crossing the table does add a magical look to your lovely New Years Eve tablescape. I love the idea of using table runners across the table as you have and also using two down the length on either side to serve as placemats for four or more settings.

    Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

  3. Lovely table, Rosie! I think black and white and glitz are perfect for New Year's Eve. The runner really highlights the two place settings. Happy 2016!

  4. Rosie: I like the two place setting. It's different. I like the simplicity of it. I think we should have the champagne in those glasses next celebration. I want to test your theory. LOL..


  5. The New Year should be introduced with a touch of elegance and you've done just that.

  6. Rosie, your black and white table for two is so elegant and the silver garland down the center is perfect! I have never seen the champagne glasses before, so unique! Happy New Year! Pam @ Everyday Living

  7. Very sleep and just lovely. I really like the garland you used and I love those black stemmed wine glasses. I will have to go and look for those! Dianne

  8. I'm crazy over anything black and white, I don't know how I missed this post! Your table is sexy, elegant and very romantic Rosie! Love the silver element :)

  9. Very elegant Rosie. I love how you can put Dollar Store wine glasses next to Mikasa! No one would know the difference. And those 40s-style champagne glasses are beautiful. I have some like that from my mother in law. Love all the bling on the table, too!