Monday, July 13, 2015

Anchors Aweigh!

I've been wanting to do a nautical tablescape for a while now.  So, I decided today was the day. My family room has always been decorated with a nautical theme. I guess because I have always loved the "call of the sea". It could be because I've always lived near an ocean (born on the east coast and now living on the west coast.) Or, maybe it's because I had a grandfather who who sailed on the Charles W. Morgan (a well-known whaling ship from New Bedford, MA). Whatever the reason, I wanted to share some of my nautical treasures with you, so I went around the house gathering my lighthouse collection, my collection of "salties" (these are caricatures of old sailors in their seagoing clothes), rusty blocks and tackles, and my ship's wheel and clock.   It was a fun table to do.

Here's how the table turned out:

Here's how it was created:

I started with my navy blue tablecloth that I bought at our county fair. It was an obvious choice for depicting the sea!  I love this cloth: it is essentially wrinkle-proof and spills actually bead on the material!

My woven seagrass placemats reminded me of the coiled ropes you might see along the dockside; perfect for a nautical theme.

I then added my square ceramic dinner plate purchased at a design center (there is no identifying marks on them).

I know it may look odd, but I chose to place my glass cobalt blue charger on top of the dinner plate.  Why? When I stacked the dishes this way, the triangles that are formed by the dinner plate peeking out reminded me of the signal flags that are found on boats; thus enhancing my nautical theme!

To top the stack, I placed my salad plates found at Tuesday Morning.  These were an obvious choice for this setting because of the anchor design and red, white and blue color scheme. These plates are labeled CMG, Handpainted in Portugal.

I completed the place setting with my red and white napkins from HomeGoods, (wanted a print for accent against the solid tablecloth) some new napkin rings from HomeGoods' clearance section (I thought the leather look and studs somehow looked like they'd be a part of a ship's galley!); my blue Mexican glass glasses and my Treble Clef flatware from World Market because I felt it looked like the rope on an anchor.

I placed my "centerpiece" at the end of the table instead of in the center, because I wanted everyone to be able to see its components while they were seated.  I started with the box my Hubby and neighbor made for me, and filled it with lots of goodies. I laid out a faux fishing net first. Then,  my ship's wheel came off the wall, along with my ship's clock (my Hubby kept asking me what time it was while I was creating my table because the spot on the wall where the clock normally resides was empty!)  Then I added other objects: a pelican (my absolutely favorite member of the bird family: I LOVE watching their travels as the flock soars in a solid line over the ocean!); my wooden "salties" (love the detail and expressions on these sailors' faces!) and a lobster dish towel. The photograph is a picture of a ship model my late brother created. He was a master model maker who would never use a kit to produce his ships. He would research the ship, find the plans and build them to scale. Using magnifying goggles, tweezers and phenomenal patience, he would create astounding works of art. I actually watched him remove pin heads to use as the nails on the planking of the "ship's" deck; or wind up thread to look like the pile of rope neatly wound into a stack on the deck. I always marveled at his incredible talent and commitment to his hobby.

My accent pieces on the table include a white plate with shell design found at Tuesday Morning. It is labeled Mudpie and is a favorite for my summer tables. I've also included a red and white Mikasa stoneware plate labeled Gourmet Basics, Hunter and added some cheese spreaders from Tuesday Morning which reflect a nautical theme as well: aren't they cute? And, of course, I've scattered my lighthouse collection throughout the table.

I'm so happy to be sharing my nautical decor with you.  Now I can hang the clock back up so we know what time it is!!

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Thank you, Ladies, for hosting these parties.  Be sure to stop by these wonderful blogs and see what other tablescapers are up to!

I thank you in advance for your comments. They really do put a smile on my face.


  1. You set a beautiful table! I really like the colors-so many nautical theme tables use pastels or aquas. Your centerpiece (on the side!) is amazing!! Great job!

  2. It was so very creative the way you stacked your charger atop your white square plates. Such a beautiful nautical table that I really appreciate, since we spend our summer sailing on Lake Erie! I would be so honored if you would come by and share it at my fairly new link party at Celebrate and Decorate on Sunday!

  3. I salute you Rosie and your nautical tribute! I love the centerpiece place on the table end, and it's a fabulous vignette of the sea! I love the lighthouses, captains and all your seaworthy memorabilia! What a great table to set sail on this summer!

  4. Rosie: You amaze me with each new tablescape. I loved this one. Nautical=Navy what can I say.
    I have seen the objects around the house, but to put them together in this unique way is awesome.
    I can see how the clock was missed. Lol..

  5. Love this table Rose...makes me want seafood and a nice salty sea breeze blowing!


  6. Beautiful table...great all the light houses. Such creativity! Wonderful table!

  7. I really like your mixture of round plates with the square. Your many interesting nautical accessories make for a lovely setting. Your napkins are a wonderful pop of energy, too. It's a beautiful table!

  8. Oh, my! I love all your special touches! Those napkins are wonderful!

  9. Rosie, I love your collection of "olde" salties along with all of the other marvelous sea going items in your collection. The ships wheels and the fishing nets are perfect for setting the nautical mood on this table. You are right about the blue tablecloth being perfect to depict the sea surrounding each of your nautical place settings. I love your cobalt blue chargers placed over the square plates and topped off by those gorgeous anchor plates. Great Job of creating this wonderful tablescape Rosie!!

  10. This is so up my alley .....I grew up next to the have inspired me

  11. Hmmm, I'd like to have your nautical pieces for our boat as I like to set a fun table when we eat aboard.

  12. I enjoyed this so much. You did such a great job, thinking about each element and how it fits in with the overall theme. What treasures to have! I'd like a bowl of clam chowder at this table!