Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Celebrating Quebec and Quimper

This past May was unrelentless: commitments galore, medical issues, numerous stresses: just many miles to cover before I could rest.  Things have finally settled down, but I feel like it's been a L-O-N-G time since I've been able to compose a post.  I wanted to set a table that reflects one of the happy moments of the past month. My hubby and I went back to Maine for a niece's wedding (a wonderful affair on the shores of Lake Sebago).  Since we had our passports and were so close to the Canadian border, we went up to Quebec to explore a new area, and had a wonderful time, staying at the exquisite Hotel Frontenac along the shores of the St. Lawrence Seaway and exploring the new and old Quebec City.

Here's the table I created:

Here's How It All Came Together:

I started with a Cynthia Rowley tablecloth I purchased at HomeGoods recently.  I wanted to reflect the many flower fields that welcomed us as we traveled to Quebec City, as well as the flower pots and flower boxes that lined the homefronts and windows of this picturesque area.

I then added a woven grass placemat to give the table a rustic, country feel.  As we traveled towards Quebec City we were impressed with the many farms that lined the route. These farms were pristine and looked like components of a patchwork quilt. I said to my hubby along the way that Walt Disney must have come here and said to the farm animals,  "You, cow, stand there and don't move; and you sheep, look content!" The pastoral scenes along the way looked so perfect! So, I wanted to bring some country to this table.

I used my porcelain scrollwork chargers from the Maryland Company to reflect the porcelain that is so prevalent in the shops and hotels in Quebec City.

I continued my dish stack with my yellow Portuguese Metaceramica dinner plates.

I then added these cobalt blue glass salad plates I found while antiquing in Ventura, CA.  a few months ago.

I topped my dish stack with yellow linen napkins that were purchased with some matching placemats from HomeGoods. I felt the embroidery looked like the scrollwork on my chargers, and also added to the floral theme I was going for.  The napkin rings were found in a kitchen shop on our trip. They called to me from a bin in the store as we were walking through. I do believe you will see these rings in many future tablescapes!

The place setting was completed with blue goblets given to me by a dear friend who was downsizing; and, my Treble Clef flatware from World Market.  I felt both these elements continue the country table feel I was looking for.

I'm very happy with my centerpiece because it showcases the treasures I found while antiquing on our recent trip.  I started my centerpiece with a new addition to my tablescaping stash: my hubby and neighbor created three stacking boxes for me to use. I gave them the sizes that I wanted and they created them in my neighbor's garage! They then stained them to match my dining room set. Many thanks to you, sweetie,  and Gary! I love my new additions.  For this table, I turned the small box upside down and used it as a platform.

The component I am really thrilled with is a Quimper piece found in an antique store in Quebec City.  I will probably use it as a vase, but if anyone can explain the "two spouted" design, I'd really appreciate what the use for this piece actually might be. I love the "Lady" pattern and the delicate handpainting.  I have long admired Quimper pieces and was thrilled when I saw this hidden away in a cabinet. I thought it would be a perfect souvenir for my trip and it now holds a special place in my china hutch!!

The silver teapot was another find at the same antique store. Apparently, when the Hotel Frontenac changed their silverplate, they auctioned off their teapots and other items. The store we were in scored big time at this auction and claimed numerous teapots.  Since I've had to give up caffeine and now rely on herbal tea as my warm drink of choice, my hubby surprised me by buying one of the Frontenac's former teapots! What a wonderful surprise, and another souvenir of our trip!

While looking through this same antique store I found this Delft accent plate also hidden away on a shelf. I can rarely resist a blue and white anything! And it was small enough to fit in my suitcase!

After our trip to Quebec City, we headed towards Portland, Maine and the airport to head home.  We stopped at Biddeford, Maine and found another interesting-looking antique mall. Years ago, I collected salt and pepper shakers, and my eyes still can't resist looking through collections of them.  I saw this salt cellar and it was so unique I had to have it! I have salt dips, but have never seen one with a lid. Isn't it interesting?

My centerpiece is completed with a Quebec refrigerator magnet, a fleur-de-lis dish towel and two blue glass vases and faux carnations .

I'm happy with this table because it brings back memories from a very special trip. The people of Quebec City couldn't have been nicer; the city is a place of cobblestone streets; rows of bright, multi-colored houses;  stunning stone churches; the expansive St. Lawrence Seaway; and, a region full of history. All in all, a recommended spot for a vacation.

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  1. You have some lovely things! I especially like your chargers.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. What great finds...nice treasures!! I think the two spouts is a gravy/sauce boat. Are you sure that is a salt cellar and not a mustard pot?? I have a few and they are for mustard. Love the teapot!!!

  3. A fun and interesting table. I am loving your wee teapot. I gave up caffeine as well and now do the same, only herbal teas. I have found some really good ones. Have you ever tried any of Steven Smith teas? They are delicious. I enjoyed your post.


  4. Lost my first comment! The Quimper bowl is lovely for a centerpiece! The flowered tablecloth is pretty with the colorful place settings. Enjoy visiting your blog and hope you will mine!


  5. I love the centerpiece Rosie, the blue checked cloth makes your Quimper pop! Those napkin rings are too cute!

  6. Having grown up in New England I can relate to your enjoying the pastoral scenes...there are many in the area. It is one of my favorite areas in the country.
    Love your piece of Quimper with the little Breton girl. I wonder if it is some type of gravy boat?
    Have a great week, Rosie!

  7. Pretty table! Love the Delft plate too, and those napkin rings are about the cutest things I've ever seen!

  8. Rosie, Your new tablecloth is a perfect choice to showcase the beautiful colors in your new Quimper piece. The stack is gorgeous with the white, yellow, and blue topped by those gorgeous napkins and your super cute new napkin rings. The overall effect is charmingly lovely.

  9. I missed this post and so glad I looked back and found it! I've been a bit preoccupied as well lately but things are on a more even keel now.

    I love this setting! What wonderful finds you made on your trip. The place settings are lovely but your centerpiece, with these precious memory-makers is so special! I've been to Quebec when I was a child and would like to go there again with Wonderful Hubby. Your post has put that back on the 'front burner.' It sounds like such a fun little trip.

  10. Beautiful finds! That teapot is a treasure. I love its shape. It was so thoughtful of your husband to get it for you. I also like the Quimper vessel, even though I have no idea of its intended use. My husband and I were in Quebec 24 years ago, and we loved it! We also travelled to St. Anne de Beaupré and along the St. Lawrence. Such beautiful country. Unfortunately, at the time, we were travelling with an 18-month-old toddler and didn't get to enjoy any of the French cuisine. We always said we wanted to go back. Ah! That bucket list is so long!