Monday, February 23, 2015

Playing with Pretty Pastels

When my Hubby came home from a business trip a few months ago, he walked in with a box containing two sets of plates.  He had stopped to visit his cousin, and was gifted with these plates that had belonged to his beloved Aunt Josie. Happily, because I am married to him,  cousin Ana, is now my cousin, too!  She knows I love to tablescape and felt that I would love these plates, and how right she was.  I want to share one of these sets with you today.  Apparently, this set was the family's everyday dishes and Ana remembers them well while growing up.  Because we're almost into Spring (I know those of you in the majority of the country are finding it hard to believe; I'm in Southern CA, so the concept of Spring is more of a reality), I decided to highlight the pastels of these pretty plates.  This is how the table turned out:

This is How The Table Was Created:

I started with a new pink tablecloth I found at Bed, Bath and Beyond last week.  I couldn't resist the soft, precious pink of this cloth.  I'm thinking of using it this Easter with my Butterfly Meadow dishes, and this was a good dress rehearsal.  I actually believe the color is prettier in person than the photo depicts.

I started with my green glass charger plate I found while in Ojai at a thrift store. It has no identifying marks on it, but it is a lovely color, and reminds a great deal of Jadeite.

Then I added Aunt Josie's plate.  It is labeled  French Saxon China.  I did some research on the pattern through Replacements, Inc. and it was not an easy job.  The majority of the patterns are listed as "FSX with a number" : no pattern name. You'll never guess what I did.  I went through 4 pages of pattern numbers, found a similar one, and didn't write down the number!! The pattern wasn't exactly like Aunt Josie's.  It had the same floral design, but the plates did not have the lovely scalloped border.  I will, however, go through the pages again, and find the correct number for a later post. I do remember that it said the pattern was produced around 1957.  Isn't it a happy pattern?

I then added a creme colored napkin and one of my Butterfly Meadow napkin rings.  The table setting was completed with my cousin's gold plated flatware and my Rogeska Gallia wine glasses.  I love this crystal pattern.  It is delicate and intricate from the top of the glass down to the etched stem and base.  I felt it reflected the airy feel of the floral design on the plates.

My centerpiece was an obvious choice. I've previously shared this bowl and candle holders here.  Since this set was a 50th Wedding Anniversary gift for Aunt Josie's parents, it seemed fitting that her dishes should be highlighted with this centerpiece as an integral part of the table.  It is really a fruit bowl, but I just filled it with faux greenery for a more spring-like feel.

I accented the tablescape with two extra china pieces.   I  used the serving platter from Aunt Josie's set (note the handles that have been worked into the scalloped edging).   I decided to "keep it in the family" and added a serving bowl that Aunt Josie's sister, Cora, had purchased for their parents. Cora was my Hubby's Mom and  I previously highlighted the story of  this china here. I thought that it was interesting that the pattern from Aunt Josie's plates was very similar to the pattern that Cora had chosen.  They actually could be used together on the same table.  I think this reflects the idea that these plates were created during the same time period and that the ladies had very similar tastes!                                                                                                                                                                                                                

I was so happy to put together this tablescape. It is not only a way to usher in a new season, but I have had the chance to bring a small bit of the history of my Hubby's family together: his precious Aunt, his cherished Grandmother, and his beloved Mom.  Thank you, Ana, for helping to make this possible.

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  1. Rosie, this is a BEAUTIFUL table, and just what I needed this cold, snowy morning! The whole setting is perfect for spring and what a lovely way to remember these special ladies! I don't know what you're planning for your Easter table but this one would be lovely.

  2. As much as I love buying spanking brand new dinnerware, I love those that have a history just as much. The delicacy of the pieces you've used speak to a time when life was much simpler and our pace was slower. There are so many possibilities with the floral pattern from an afternoon tea, Easter, and Mother's Day. I also adore that fruit bowl! Getting in my 2-3 servings a day would be so pleasant retrieving it from a beautiful container like this one. Beautiful table Rosie!!

  3. Rosie this is just lovely. The green in the chargers and the butterfly napkin rings brings out the beautiful green leaves and the pretty flowers in the plates beautifully. It has been so cold here in Ohio, I really needed to see this fresh breath of Spring beauty to give me hope that Spring is really just around the corner.

  4. What a sweet gift, and I know you will find many ways to use these dishes. I so appreciate things that are shared through family.

  5. hi Rosie! Your table is a breath of spring with your soft pinks and green! Love the butterflies that flew in to join you in this pretty setting!

  6. I think it's so wonderful that you have these family pieces. I have virtually nothing from other family members except the china my mom bought in the 60's and let me have it when I got my first china hutch. Anyway, I will have to check out BB&B's tablecloths. I would like to see that pink in person and perhaps pick one up too. I like the china pattern and it shows well with the green plate underneath. I could definitely see some of this for an Easter table! I'm sure spring is in the air in southern CA- I'm crossing my fingers for an earlier spring this year, but I won't hold my breath about it!

  7. A most beautiful and sentimental table filled with gorgeous pieces from your family...truly so very special.