Sunday, August 24, 2014

Reluctant Transition

When Kathleen from issued an August challenge for an end-of-the-year summer table, I was excited to hear about a new challenge, but I still reacted to this particular one like a truculent child: I just hate to accept the fact that summer is nearly over and we soon will be thrown into the frenzy of fall!  Because fall means that Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!!! I just can't wrap my head around how fast the year has gone.  I know I'm getting older, but I really do long for the days when summer just ambled along with long sunlit hours, no schedules, nighttime ice cream runs, unencumbered by worries of daily commitments.  I dread that soon every day will need to be accounted for, and long "to do" lists will cover my refrigerator door. Even in retirement, these are true statements.  So, I decided to respond to the challenge, but be somewhat rebellious in its application. Hence, the post title of, "Reluctant Transition".   My table reflects more "what tables I could have produced if summer were only longer".  My theme for the table reflects the "fruit of summer".  One of the best things about this season is that fruit is plentiful and oh, so sweet.

Here's the Final Table:

Here's How It Was Created:

I started with bamboo placemats I found at HomeGoods.  I liked the summery green color and the informality of the bamboo for a summer table.

My first element of the dish stack was my scrollwork chargers from Maryland China Co.  I just used these in my last post!  But, I wanted something with an airy feel.

The next addition to this dish stack is part of my mix-n'-match table.  I've used four different dinner plates to show the four tables I would have done with my salad plates if summer had gone on longer, and I could have had more summer tables!  First, I would have had a table with my purple dinner plates from Anna's Linens.  They are marked Monterey and they are from their Gallery Tabletops.

My green table would have started with a Fiesta plate, lemongrass from Pier One.

My yellow table would have started with my yellow Metaceramica plate from Portugal found at HomeGoods.

My white table would have started with a white Metaceramica from Portugal plate  found at HomeGoods.

Next, I added my napkins in the Ambrosia pattern found at Anna's Linens.  I bought the matching tablecloth, too, but decided I liked the wood of my table showing for a summer table. Note the brightly-colored fruit on these napkins. I LOVE their watercolor-like pattern.

I have two salad plates on the table.  They are both from Mikasa, labeled Antique Countryside; one is Pear, with a gently scalloped edge:

The other is Fig, with more of a pointed scalloped edge.   I love the patterns and textures of these plates.  I found them both on the clearance table at Macy's.

The place setting is completed with a bread and butter plate from Mikasa in the Pear pattern; Treble Clef- patterned flatware from Old World Market (I felt this flatware looks like stems on fruit); and, two different types of glassware.  One is a purple wine glass or small goblet from Hobby Lobby:

And the other is a green goblet from Pier One:

My centerpiece is sitting on a mini burlap runner and is highlighted with a wooden toolbox I found while antiquing. I lined it with a green napkin, and then filled it with faux fruit from Michael's.  On either side of the toolbox are two ceramic bowls (found at a swapmeet and just marked Italy), and two pillar candles I borrowed from my living room mantle.  I felt the bamboo-like pattern on the sides of the candles coordinated well with the placemats.

I completed the table with a favorite accent piece of mine.  It is a watering can that was made in Portugal, and a gift from a very dear friend.  I love its brightly-colored handpainting. Thank you, Judy.

I also added some small green bird figurines I found at Michael's.  I've used my white bird figurines so much in summer tablescapes, that I felt the new green ones would be appropriate for an end-of-summer table.

So, I present my end-of-summer table with the thought that if the season had been longer, I would have had at least four summer tables, using the dishes you see in this post.  Oh, I sigh when I think of starting with the fall colors that I'll begin to take out of my dish closet. Here in Southern CA. we're sure to have extremely warm temperatures throughout September and October (along with the searing Santa Ana winds: hot and furious!)  But, I'll still get out my golds, browns and yellows and start the reluctant transition, as I do every year.  It just kind of leapt out at me quicker this year!

I'll be joining Christine at for her Monday Link It! Party, 
Kathleen at for her Wednesday end-of-summer challenge. and
Susan at for her Tablescape Thursday.

Many thanks to these hardworking ladies for hosting their parties and giving us a chance to share our tablescapes. Please visit their blogs and enjoy all the creativity there.

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  1. I'm with you Rosie, I don't want summer to end either! Your table is so fresh, and l love the green and purple...the pears can be in any season and the darker grapes help ease the transition to the days ahead~beautiful plates and purple stemware!

  2. Just beautiful Rosie! I love all the colors, esp the eggplant colored plate, and those napkins. the little green birds are sweet. I have to say I am looking forward to September and October, best months here. I just hope they last and last . . . !

  3. Rosie, I love your pear and fig salad plates with the bird and butterfly details! Your different colored dinner plates set them off beautifully and your napkins are perfect with them!

  4. Rosie, your table is beautiful, the dishes really stand out against the green the bird/fruit plates.
    Have a wonderful week.

  5. Hi Rosie - I love the versatility of this table and how you can mix and match! Happy end of summer! Hugs, Holly

  6. So lovely...the fruit plates and napkins are my favorite.

  7. Rosie, so much thought went into this table! I loved seeing how you layered it. And it turned out great, too!

    It is pretty and festive both. Thanks for sharing!



  8. I can't wrap my head around summer's end either. I'll go out "kicking and screaming" too ;-) I love those scroll work chargers and your pretty salad plates too. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Just remember, summer does not really end until September 22nd, so we still have a few more weeks to savor it.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  9. I love this setting and I love your rebellion... lol! I do think the end of summer has its own character - not quite Fall but not the heart of summer either. I really like your presentation, showing how you build the tableau, as well as the final result. Those purple plates are just gorgeous! I love both of the goblets and the candles, too. Really nice details... :-)

  10. I love fall but I'm not ready either. Our midwest winters can be brutal and I'm still recovering from the last one. There were lots of summer tables that I wanted to do that probably won't happen. Thank you for sharing all the variations, very inspiring.

  11. So many tables, so little time. I was supposed to be on part time and ended up working full time this summer. I can't wait to retire. Your table is lovely Rosie! You have such a pretty selection of plates to begin with and your selection of salad plates, napkins, and glassware lets you create so many variations on the Summer fruit theme. Very lovely. I love the green bamboo place mats and the green birds, both are perfect for an end of Summer table.

  12. Hi Rosie,

    I sure do like your cheerful end-of-summer table! I especially love the salad plates and bread and butter plates with fruit and birds. Birds and fruit are two things that look so pretty on dishes, in my opinion. The raised, etched borders on your Mikasa plates are beautiful! I also love your napkins, the treble clef flatware, and the green and purple goblets. :)

    I know what you mean about the summer going by too quickly. This year has been the quickest summer ever at our house. I love fall, too, but I try not to rush the seasons. :)

    Thanks so much for your visit and kind comments; I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!



  13. Your tablescape is gorgeous Rosie...ready for Fall or not! You met Kathleen's challenge perfectly and beautifully, my friend.
    Your choice of plates is gorgeous, I love the cut work ones and the colors you chose are lovely too for the farewell of Summer.
    I'm gonna look for a tool box for Fall décor too.
    Have a great week,

  14. Pretty dishes! I like the way you stacked them with the floral textiles. Beautiful table for end of summer.