Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Look At The Past

If you take a look back on this previous post , you'll note that my husband's cousins spent some time when we were visiting them sharing stories about their Grandmother's china.  They sent some of the pieces home with us so that I could have some "tablescaping" fun! Today, I want to share another special find from that visit.

As the family explained, this set was one of the gifts Grandma and Grandpa Mora received on their 50th Wedding Anniversary in June of 1957.  My hubby says he remembers it sitting on the stereo cabinet of their house when he was a young boy.

After some research, I discovered this set was known as a "Centerpiece Ceramic Fruit Bowl with Candle Holders". It has the number 20316 printed on the bottom of the bowl and the candle holders.  I assume this is the pattern or style number. Further investigation shows that the pattern is called "Golden Wheat"and it was manufactured in Japan in the 1940's.

This particular set has one of the most common identifying marks of the Lefton product:  a foil sticker on the bottom of the bowl.

I love the pretty pastel pink of these ceramics, and even after all these years the gold pattern of the "wheat" is bright and lovely.

Apparently, George Lefton turned his passion and hobby for porcelain into a business in 1941 while living in Chicago.  He was one of the first American businessmen to deal with the Japanese after World War II, and he imported goods from Japan under the label, "Made in Occupied Japan".  He was known for pricing his goods so that they were affordable to the general public.

The items in his collections consisted of items that could be used every day, as well as things that were made just for display.  When the Lefton Company was sold in 2001 after its founder had died in 1996,  a source of some of the most popular collectibles and kitchenware in America was ended. Today, the items from this company are available on websites and in antique malls and collectible shops, and are prized as vintage items.  I'm glad this particular set has remained in the Mora family and will continue to be a part of the family legacy.

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  1. Rosie ~
    I love these pieces. So unique and the wheat pattern is just lovely.
    Thank you for sharing a piece of your family memories.

  2. Wow I was born in 1957 so I'm thinking about the fact that they were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in 1957! If the average age was 18 when they got married that means they were born in 1889! Anyway, those are very pretty pieces and so well kept. What a great present from the cousins!

  3. I love your pieces. Such an interesting story to them as well. The light pink is a pretty color.

  4. Those pieces are so unusual Rosie, I've never seen anything like them~how wonderful to have such treasured and memory filled family heirlooms!

  5. Wow, what a wonderful gift from your guests. They are so beautiful....now those you don't see everyday at antique markets. Definite treasures!

  6. Definite treasures Rosie! those are beautiful....

    (you might have a duplicate comment from me, blogger gave me an error when I tried to post my first one) Have a good day!

  7. Beautiful, Rosie. So special to have these family treasures! I love the pink and gold together.