Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Remember Seafoam Green and Peach?

The 60's had its burnt orange, avocado green and harvest gold for color choices. Flashforward to the 80's and early 90's when seafoam green and peach took over the color wheel!  When my husband and I were married in 1988, we hadn't registered for gifts and did not choose a wedding china pattern.  It was in the early 90's when we went on a road trip through Arizona (seeking out the Winslow Meteor Crater) that we happened upon a Mikasa Outlet store and I finally picked out the china that would become my "Wedding China" and be used for holidays and special occasions.  I'd like to share it with you today.

Here's The Table:

Here's How The Tablescape was Created:

I have used my china with many different tablecloths over the years. It coordinates with cream colored cloths, floral design tablecloths and peach or pink tablecloths.  But I decided to use the first tablecloth I purchased to go with my new china at the time.  It photographs as turquoise, but it really is a seafoam green that was so popular at the time it was purchased.

I decided to add a cream colored lace tablecloth today since I am celebrating my Wedding China, and felt the lace added a romantic layer to the setting.

I didn't have chargers back in 1991, but today I used my silver chargers from Michael's to accent the silver trim on the plates.

The first layer of my dish stack highlights the dinner plate from my set.  These dishes are Mikasa's Ceremony.   Unfortunately, the pattern was discontinued the very year I bought it, but I have found extra pieces on Replacements.Com over the years.  I love the cream color of the plates and find the pattern that encircles the plate's edge to be delicate and reminiscent of a celebratory floral swag.  The flowers are seafoam green and peach, and reflect the era in which they were designed.  Note that they are edged in silver.

My next layer is the salad plate from the set.  I also have soup bowls, but opted not to feature them today.

I remember purchasing these napkin rings from The Broadway (an old department store, long gone now).  I was so excited when I found them because they matched the colors on my china so perfectly!  Originally I used peachy pink napkins, but in later years, switched over to these floral napkins.

The place setting is completed with Mikasa Regent Bead flatware.  I love that the bottom of the flatware mirrors the fan detail underneath the floral swag on the plate edge.  The lead crystal stemware, also a wedding gift, is etched with a pattern that also mirrors this same fan detail. That was just a happy coincidence!  The stemware was made by Bohemia and the pattern is Cascade.

The centerpiece consists of a miniature rose plant I received from my stepdaughter this Mother's Day (very timely, since the flowers go so well with my china and the container actually matches my reticulated chargers for this tablescape!). I placed the plant on one of my salad plates, added crystal candlesticks (another wedding gift!) and then added the sugar bowl and creamer in the Ceremony pattern).

Some additional views of the table:

Setting this table brought back so many memories of those early years of being married.  Thinking back now, I realize purchasing this china was my first venture into the idea of dressing up a table into a coordinated presentation of china, linen, crystal and flatware.  I had no idea then that I was a budding tablescaper!

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  1. Your china pattern is so beautiful with the mint green and peach. Makes a really
    lovely table for sure...............
    Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. Very pretty china! Love the colors!

  3. What a lovely setting with each detail being carefully chosen to work with the whole.

  4. Beautiful. I am glad you ran across that outlet way back when and bought your lovely china...
    Love, Mona

  5. Rosie, I know exactly what colors you are talking about, and I have some good news for you--they are apparently coming back! My china was also discontinued immediately after I was married, and I am very careful with it now. I love your pattern and the pretty shape of the pieces. Linda

  6. That's a beautiful pattern. I don't think I've ever seen it before. One of the things that I always look for in patterns is the shape of the cup and saucer. I don't know why, but that's just important to me. Yours has a subtle uniqueness that I really love.

    And oh yes, I remember the colors of the 80s and 90s. I was just a few years ahead of you, when we were all about mauve and blue.

  7. Well, it is still very beautiful. I happen to love peach. You must be in San Antonio -- we used to shop in The Broadway when we visited my in-laws.

  8. Your napkin placement and place setting styling is just stunning Rosie, I was breathless! Seriously, what a beautifully elegant table~

  9. Your china is gorgeous. So sorry it was discontinued so soon after your purchase.

    Jocelyn @

  10. Do you watch that TV show "The Goldbergs" on ABC? I LOVE that show because it's about a family back in the 80s, my FAVORITE fun years. This china reminds me of something Beverly (the Mom on the show) might pick. She has very good taste and likes things sweet and light. I personally loved (and still do!) the look of those years. It was a time of glorious conspicuous consumption, something that would fit right in when we all do posts for The Tablescaper's "Where Do You Put It All?" blog party in a couple of weeks! :-) :-) :-)

    I love the shape of the coffee cup, the creamer and the sugar bowl. Those handles are just priceless.

    I remember The Broadway!!! I was visiting someone in another city years ago and went there. D.C.? California? I don't remember where, but I remember liking the store! I miss that kind of store, too. The concept of the department store as we knew it is becoming a T-Rex with each passing day...along with the customer service that came along with the deal! (Remember stores that had elevators with a floor that was called the Mezzanine? You sure don't see that in stores anymore!)

    Great post, Rosie, and GREAT memories of a time I will always remember with fondness. Have a beautiful weekend!

  11. Your china is gorgeous! You have coordinated it so well with the napkins and napkin rings...looks like they were all made to go together. Beautiful table...

  12. Rosie, I am so glad you found some of dishes of that wonderful pattern. It really is gorgeous!
    Thank you so much for joining us at the Table It Link Party. I hope you got some good traffic to your blog and met some other bloggers who share the same creativity that you have in doing a table!

  13. Ah, peach and seafoam green! I do remember that color combo! Your table sets off your pretty china perfectly -- the tablecloths make a wonderful backdrop. I especially love the shape of the handles on the teacup and sugar bowl. Those little details appeal to me!

  14. Sadly our guest bathroom still has seafoam green fixtures and flooring, yikes!! We also had a bedroom that was painted peach, thank goodness that's gone. Your table is lovely and elegant. It must have been a real treat to have dinner there.

  15. I love this pattern...the colors are just beautiful! What a treasure you have! As I was looking at the edge, it has a subtle chevron around the edge...which is allllll the rage now...I bet you could even tie that in on a future tablescape!

  16. Your china is beautiful and what great memories you have as a bride. The colors of flowers are so delicate and adds a romantic touch! Your tablecloths are perfect together for lace softens the feel. Have a great week!


  17. Wow Rosie, you've set a beautiful and elegant table! Your china is so pretty, and the crystal, flatware, and napkin rings coordinate and complement it beautifully. It is fun to get out the fancy wedding china isn't it? I'm really glad Kathleen issued us this challenge for the month of May. :) Your china pattern is not really like mine, but it reminds me of mine somehow. I'm sure you've really enjoyed having this pretty china through the years.

    Have a great day!


  18. I do remember seafoam green and peach, it was all the rage in it's time. I love it also. The charger is great. The 5th pic from the bottom is my favorite, your placement of the napkin on top of the place setting is perfect and brings the best out of the china.

  19. Lovely table. It's been fun reading everyone's story about their wedding china. Your's has a very romantic feel.

  20. You're dishes are so delicate! Beautiful table!! We were married in 1988, too and yes, I remember peach and seafoam. They were our wedding colors!! Wasn't this challenge fun?

  21. I had seafoam green and peach colors in my first apartment, so yes, I remember it well! That china is beautiful, I can't imagine that ever looking dated. Love your table, Rosie!

  22. Hi Rose,
    Just realized I came by here already, and as I saw it again I realized I had that same
    green tablecloth at one time...........cause I had peach and green in my house years ago.
    Wanted to thank you for coming by and for your sweet comments..........
    Yes, I hope and pray you never have a china hutch implosion but can sure see why you would be concerned about that with the earthquakes yall have there at times.

    Again thanks for stopping by and hope our paths will cross again in the future,
    Blessings, Nellie

  23. I think it's lovely, and doesn't seem dated to me, just pretty. It all looks beautiful together!

  24. Hi Rosie,
    It's so nice to meet you. I love your beautiful wedding china pattern. The silver chargers are perfect with the silver trim. I love the lace overlay on top of the tablecloth.

  25. this is a stunning table. for years I loved anything with seafoam green now it's the sister color of teal and aqua that is so popular but I especially love the napkins so delicately feminine.Susie

  26. This china is so elegant! I love the raised details. The napkin rings are perfect too! I remember moving into our 2nd home in 88 and our family room was seafoam green and peach. Thanks for the memories!

  27. I love your china, so delicate. You have set a beautiful table, it all looks so inviting with your special touches!