Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Squared

A few months ago while in HomeGoods, I spotted some blue and white dishes that really attracted my eye.  There was only one issue: they were square in shape. I am a real traditionalist and didn't have any square plates in my tablescaping stash. I started looking at this relatively "new" trend ( to MY way of thinking!) when my daughter got married in 2012 and chose square plates etched in platinum for her china. I loved her plates, but just hadn't embraced the look. So, I passed the dishes by.  Well, fastforward to a couple of weeks ago when while I was back at HG (gee-----I guess I go there alot!), I noticed the same blue and white dishes in the clearance section for only $3.00 each!! How could I resist them?! So----I took a leap! I now have some square plates of my own.  And I love them.  I thought I'd celebrate spring with my new additions. I also realized this might be a perfect table for Cuisine Kathleen's Bird, Nest and Egg Challenge!

Here's the Table:

Here's How It Was Created:

I started with my blue tablecloth from a vendor at the Orange County Fairgrounds.  It is spill resistant and never needs serious ironing.

My stepdaughter got me this Ralph Lauren table runner for Christmas.  Don't you just love it?  I do believe it inspired me to make the final decision about my new plates; the color is perfect.

Since this is a spring tablescape, and the birds are building nests all around (I've been watching a particularly ambitious small brown bird using snippets of material from my hanging flower baskets outside of my back French doors each morning!) I decided my new straw placemats from Kohl's reminded me of potential nest building material!

Here is the dinner plate to my new square plate set. It is marked CHinoiserie Toile; designed by Maxcara.  I LOVE the colors and pattern.  And the little bird adds a touch of Happy Spring to the table.

Here is the square salad plate with another pattern and a small bird just patiently waiting to begin nest building!

The next layer in the dish stack is a plate I found at the Swap Meet.  It is labeled only "Made in Italy", and I have been waiting to find the right tablescape to share it with you! I love its scalloped shape and delicate painted design. And since I knew I'd be using daffodils in the centerpiece, the choice of a dish    with blue AND yellow seemed a perfect fit! 

To top the dish stack off, I chose my blue glass sherbet dishes found while antiquing.

The place setting is completed with yellow linen napkins from my in-laws' trip to Majorca, and white porcelain napkin rings from an antique store (roses are always part of spring!)  I used my Trebleclef flatware from World Market, because their shape somewhat resembles the twigs my little bird friends have been hoisting to their nests!   I also added my Mexican glass tumblers, a gift from my daughter at Christmas.

The centerpiece was created from a platter and pitcher that were also on clearance where my square plates were! There was no way I could leave without them.  The daffodils were part of the decorations for my daughter's baby shower her sister and I put on this past weekend.  I found the birds at Michael's, and their "nests and eggs" were generously loaned to me by my dear friend.  I wanted to separate the patterns a bit, so I added two small runners of burlap ribbon.

Since I was enjoying the look of blue, white and yellow together, I shopped the house and added some accent pieces to the table.

I've had this plate so long I can't remember where I found it, but it is labeled I. Godinger & Co. It normally is displayed on my sideboard.

I couldn't resist this addition to my Polish Pottery collection that I found at TJ Maxx.

And, lastly, these favorite salt and pepper shakers came from an Italian Pottery Outlet I always make a stop at when I am in Santa Barbara. I don't think I have ever gotten out of there empty-handed!

Some additional pictures of the spring table:

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