Saturday, February 8, 2014


My Valentine's Table was first inspired by this plate:

At Christmas, my stepdaughter very generously presented me with a box full of dishes she had gathered  to assist me in my hobby of tablescaping!  You'll see them throughout the year.  When I saw this red and white plate decorated with cherries, I immediately thought, "Valentine's Day"!  There was only one plate, so I thought I'd just get three other red and white plates with different patterns, and complete my table that way. And so the hunt began. Do you remember the movie "The Hunt for Red October"?  I might not have been Alec Baldwin and the US Navy seeking Sean Connery and his Russian submarine, but at least THEY were able to find each other! I looked everywhere to find red and white patterned plates and was NOT successful.  I was hoping for maybe red and white polka dots, or red and white plaid or red and white stripes; but was thwarted no matter what antique store I searched, or the usual haunts of Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Kohl's, etc..... I think maybe I started too close to Valentine's Day or something, but I had to use what I found, and this is what I came up with:

Here's How It Was Created:

I started with placemats I had found at Home Goods this past summer.  I toyed with the idea of beginning with a white lace tablecloth, but I decided I liked the look of the dark wood of my table against the colors of the tablescape.

I started with my white chargers from the Maryland China Co.

Then I added the plates I had found:

When I got to the fourth place setting, and hadn't yet found a red and white patterned plate to use,  I was desperate.  So, I confess to the following deception:  I took one of my white Metaceramica plates from Home Goods, found ladybug stickers at Walmart and created my own red and white patterned plate! I share this with you in case you run into the frustration of not finding what you want, to create a "look".  You might want to consider this compromise.  I won't be using this table setting for a real meal, so there's no harm of anyone ingesting a labybug sticker!  And as they say, "Necessity is the Mother of Invention!"

Next came my Castleware (manufactured by Tabletops Lifestyles) plate from Home Goods.  I wanted some texture on the dish stack, and I LOVE these plates for creating this.

These heart-shaped ramekins from Michael's complete the stack.

Here is the completed place setting.  Hopefully, if this were for a real meal, the ramekins would be moved to the side of the place setting once the salad was served, and the conversation heart candies would be nibbled on AFTER the meal!  I found the flatware at Walmart while I was looking for the ladybug stickers.  The red goblets came from Home Goods. I've had the red and white gingham napkins for many years, but the porcelain napkin rings came from an antiquing adventure. I felt the white roses on these napkin rings would be quite suitable for a Valentine's table!

The main component of the centerpiece is a Princess House glass chimney that was my Mom's.  There were two, but, sadly, one was broken over the years.  I love the delicate engraving on the globe. I've surrounded the candle holder with a wooden Valentine's wreath of red hearts, found at Hobby Lobby. The red heart bouquets were unexpectedly found at the CVS pharmacy, along with the "LOVE" sign!  One never knows where a pretty design element will present itself!  I completed the centerpiece with a heart garland also from Hobby Lobby.

The accent piece is a heart-shaped dish I've had for many years from Home Goods.  And what would Valentine's Day be without chocolate candy? I found the "kissing lips" placemat at Michael's.  Afterall, what would Valentine's Day be without some kisses?

Here are some additional photos of the table:

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day, surrounded by those whom you love and who love you in return.       May your day be filled with hearts, kisses and chocolate!

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