Sunday, December 22, 2013

A New Holiday, A New Mantle

Living in Southern California, we don't see too many changes in the seasons. The first days of fall usually mean high temperatures, sometimes accompanied by howling Santa Ana Winds which can wreak havoc in the mountains and passes and threaten neighborhoods no matter where they are located.  There are some cool days (sometimes children have to wear layers under Halloween costumes!), and November is a mixture of warm days that start out with cool mornings.  December is characterized by downright cold mornings (it was 39 degrees last week!),  brightening to comfortable afternoons. I understand Christmas Day this week will reach 80 degrees by afternoon!  I hope Santa has headed home by then, or that red suit could get mighty uncomfortable!!  I mention all this, because I use my mantle in my living room as the focal point that lets everyone know which season we are in, since the weather is not a predictor of what point we're at on the calendar!!

Here's how we knew it was almost Thanksgiving time, because the mantle looked like this:

Now I've changed the mantle to reflect the Christmas season:

These stocking hangars are from the Jefferson Brass Co. in Virginia and they hold the stockings we need for our growing family which includes my hubby and myself, our 4 daughters, 4 sons-in-law, and 8 grandchildren. (We're gonna need a bigger mantle!)

This Waterford tree topper was a wedding present from a dear friend 25 years ago.  It was a perfect wedding gift because we were married in December!

We used this tree topper for many years until we changed to a large star that now sits atop our tree. However, this topper holds many special memories for myself and my daughters, so I give it a "place of honor" during the Christmas holidays.

This crystal tree and nutcracker were gifted to me by dear friends over the years who
understand how important holiday decorating is to me.

So, there may not be fall leaves turning color and falling to the ground.  There may not be a brisk breeze heralding the change of season from summer to fall.  There may not be swirling snowflakes and icicles hanging on for dear life to the edges of roofs signaling winter and Christmas are approaching, but my mantle lets everyone know what season we are in!

Enjoy your Christmas week, everyone!!

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  1. Rosie, I love your idea of using tree toppers on the mantle! Never would have thought of that. Your mantle decor is lovely. I hope your Christmas was wonderful, ours was great. Blessings, my friend! -Dawn @ We Call It

  2. Hi, Dawn. Thank you for your visit. Our Christmas was chaotic (7 grandkids under the age of 8), but terrific. Now we're off to a New Year! The best to you and your family, Dawn. Rosie

  3. Hi lovely lady.
    Your home looks Beautiful for the Christmas Holidays and New Year's I am hope you a Bless New Year with your family. Thanks so mush for you sweet comments on my new post.