Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Greetings, 2017

The last Lenox Butterfly Meadow plate is stored away until next Easter, and it's time to reminisce about how wonderful this year's Easter turned out.  The family all got together and we celebrated, not only Easter Sunday, but four family birthdays as well. As I've mentioned before, when the family arrives, we end up with 11 people at the "adult" table, and 8 grandchildren at the "children's" table (6 girls and 2 boys). Next year, there will be one more girl at the "child's" table, as well (although, she'll be in a high chair!)

There was so much to do before the throng arrived, that I didn't have much time for taking pictures. I wanted to share the tables with you, however, so I photographed them, but I apologize for the quality of the pictures!  Here goes.......

Our Easter Table:

Here's How It Was Created:

I started with my Butterfly Meadow tablecloth this year.  I love the pattern and sheen on the material because it adds a bit of elegance to the holiday table!

While visiting a new Goodwill store that opened up nearby lately, I made a significant "find".  Some blue and white charger plates were bundled up and labeled "$12.00".  I couldn't believe my eyes! They were from IKEA and there were 10 of them in the stack. There was not a mark on any of them.  My reaction was pure delight because I knew they would be perfect with my Lenox Butterfly Meadow plates. And. they. were.  What do you think?

I placed my dinner plates on top of the chargers, and was so happy to see that each pattern on the plates blended perfectly with the blue on the charger!

I opted for a simple setting because my salad plates were going to be used for dessert plates this year. So, I completed my setting with my Mikasa Regent Bead dinnerware and my Mikasa water glasses, purchased many years ago before the local Mikasa Outlet was closed. (Certainly do miss that store!!)
The napkins I used matched my tablecloth.  This year my cousin gifted me with napkin rings that she had created!! They were made from card stock in various colors that complemented my dinner plates and looked like delicate lace. They were embellished with flowers in matching colors and beautifully topped with sweet pearl accents.  Aren't they lovely?  Thank you so much, cuz!

My centerpiece honored the Easter Bunny tradition.  I found the center bunny at CVS. I couldn't resist the sweet smile on his face. He looks very happy to be the center of attention at my Easter table!  He is flanked by my crystal candlesticks (a wedding gift from many years ago), and two additional bunnies. On the right is a bunny I found at the Dollar Tree store years ago, and on the left is a bunny couple I found at an art fair. It's meant to be a ring holder, but I love it as an addition to my corner cabinet filled with china and crystal treasures. It's just so darn cute!

Accent pieces I used included matching bowls from my collection as well as a Mikasa serving piece set I found on their website (On Sale!).  I thought it matched my dinnerware perfectly!

The "children's" table is set up with a seafoam green tablecloth (remember the peach and seafoam green combination from the 80's?) with a lace overlay.  I found the bunny plates at HomeGoods.  I don't think any of the little ones used the napkins next to their plate, but I'm trying to introduce them to tablescaping, so I placed them next to their plates anyway and used the bunny ear napkin rings I got from Pier One!  The centerpiece is also celebrating the Easter Bunny with a straw bunny I found at CVS pharmacy and an assortment of other bunnies in my Easter bin!

The day started with an egg hunt at a nearby park;  then Easter Dinner; then dessert including cupcakes for the Birthday Girls: they got to pick their own flavor, so we had one dozen carrot cake cupcakes with cinnamon frosting,  one dozen lemon cupcakes with blueberry frosting,  one dozen chocolate cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting and one dozen chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting! Thank you, Liz, for producing such delightful, delicious treats. They made quite a hit!! Once the strains of "Happy Birthday" were concluded, baskets and presents were opened and the day ended.  A fun time was had by all!

I hope your Easter celebrations were special as well. Now Spring is officially here. Enjoy the flowers and happy, warm breezes that it brings!

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